Old Man Miller!

Old Man Miller

Old Man Miller

inhabited and ran an abandoned steel mill

sold his steel to world manufacturers as a living

reputable as his society’s lightbringer’s pillar

renown apples, oranges, and potatoes peeler

existed as an emotional feeler

began working as a side dirt-filler

evolved into a great tiller

persisted as an unknown notorious killer

self-proclaimed religious guru sealer

didn’t make it as a whaler

made four years as a sailor

never lived his life as a stealer

couldn’t make it as a distiller

made trillions as steel saler

resurrected and exorcised his spirit

after his death in which he forever haunted and killed

everyone who wandered around his steel mill

murdered by his first murder victim’s ghost

who possessed him and made him swallow Potassium Cyanide pills!

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