You Won’t Ever Win!

You Won’t Ever Win!

You won’t ever win

no matter what you do

no matter what you think

no matter what you want changed

no matter what you say

no matter what you write, or send in writing

no matter what they tell you on the phone

and/or even in person

nothing matters except what is supposedly written and said in your contract

they don’t care about you

they don’t want to take care of you medically

physically, or psychologically

you are just a negative number to them

you are just another one of a million others that they have to put up with

and take care of whenever their supplier doesn’t give them enough money to support all service patients with the correct procedures diagnoses and prescriptions in order to maintain each service patient’s life

they only do appointments three months in advance

they only do pre-approved outsourced doctor’s visits for select service men and woman

they only like using their doctors, specialists

psychiatrists, and psychologists

they promise you free health care for joining the military and don’t hold up their part

they feed you lie after lie about what exactly they are, or aren’t

they truly could care less if you died tomorrow or not!


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