Finding My Balance!

Finding My Balance!

Always fighting myself

With myself

in my head’s voices

over nonsenses as

doubt triumphing over beliefs

indulgence triumphing over abstinence

anger triumphing over happiness

enragement triumphing over merriment

manic depression triumphing over euphoria

post-traumatic stress disorder triumphing over certainty

existential angst triumphing over purposeful meaning

Failure feeling triumphing over successful feeling

Lost without guidance feeling triumphing with guidance, belief, meaning, and understanding

Hating on and attacking everything and everyone

Whenever neither one ever attacked

or hated on me first

Learning never to initiate battles, or fights that I can’t win because it is my time’s wastes

Learning to embrace opportunism instead of pessimistic cynicism

Learning to find my balance in my life’s everything

Learning to not let my ego, ID, biases, and emotions get in my way while creating anything and writing my poetry

Learning to find my middle ground of writing for myself and still catering to my readers

Learning to still write for myself and only post and publish reader worthy poems

Learning to not go out of my way in order to be offensive, controversial, vulgar, obscene, absurd, racey, and/or explicit in my poetry

Learning not let everything enrage me to the point of blowing up like an atomic bomb and always ranting and venting about them in my poetry

Learning to see that I can’t solve and prevent our today’s world problems

Learning to enjoy all things no matter their size and worth

Learning to compromise with my readers

Learning that I was wrong to only write for myself

Learning to be open-minded whenever it comes to everything and anything in my life

Learning to find and make my happiness

Learning to find and create my purpose

Learning to find and create so much more than above!

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